When Is the Best Time for the First Orthodontic Consultation?

If you haven’t seen an orthodontist before, the thought of visiting one for the first time may seem intimidating. 

The good news is, we’re here to help eliminate any fears and discomforts.

Modern orthodontics is built around patient care, comfort, and happiness, making it easier to be excited about your orthodontist visits. Whether you’re an adult looking for a whiter, fuller smile or a parent concerned about your child’s dental health, the first step is setting up an orthodontic consultation.

Keep reading to learn more about the best time for the first orthodontic consultation, what you can expect when visiting an orthodontist, and potential treatments after your first visit.

Let’s get started!

Why Is It Better to See an Orthodontist When You Are Younger?

Let’s get this out of the way first — you’re never too old to see the orthodontist. However, planning a first orthodontic consultation is typically the best option.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children should have their first consultation before they turn seven years old. We also recommend that timeframe because your child’s growth and development can still be redirected, unlike when we get to young adulthood and beyond. 

This preventative strategy makes it possible to stop the adverse side effects of conditions like crossbites and impacted teeth from overcrowding before they happen.

Is It Too Late to See an Orthodontist As an Adult?

Absolutely not! Even if you haven’t had regular orthodontics checkups since childhood, it’s never too late for your first orthodontic consultation.

Orthobar works with patients of all ages, from childhood to late adulthood. Our first consultations for adults differ from pediatric consultations because we will work with you to correct more developed issues rather than focusing on redirection of jaw growth.

Many orthodontic interventions are available for adults, from Damon Ultima braces or Invisalign, to give you a broader, fuller smile. 

Why Do You Need a First Orthodontics Consultation?

Your first consultation sets a baseline for future orthodontic treatment, so it’s important to schedule one before treatment.

During these consultations, our orthodontist will ask questions about your tooth and bite alignment to see if you have any concerns, examine your bite pattern, and perform radiographs to analyze your growth and development of the jaws and teeth. 

After assessing your smile for potential crowding and misalignment issues, our orthodontist will discuss possible treatments (if needed).

Is Treatment Necessary After the Consultation?

Not necessarily — especially if the first consultation happens before age seven. We often see pediatric patients with healthy bite patterns who don’t need orthodontic interventions yet.

However, teeth continue to shift as you grow and age, so there is a potential for treatment later on in life. Our orthodontists will give you a timeframe for potential follow-up appointments to help you maintain your child’s dental health.

If you are an adult or teen seeking your first orthodontics consultation, it is more likely that you noticed an adjustment you want to make to your smile or that a dentist referred you. In those cases, we will build an orthodontic roadmap so you can understand every step of your treatment to achieve a renewed sense of confidence in your smile!

What Is Treatment Like, If I Need It?

At Orthobar, we believe every patient’s smile is as unique as they are, which means every treatment plan needs to be customized and unique to each individual!

For instance, if you are a teen or adult who wants to straighten your smile, we will use your photos, radiographs, and digital bite scans to develop a treatment plan for braces or invisible aligners. From there, we will tailor every visit to exceed your expectations and needs.

On the other hand, treating pediatric patients often looks quite different. 

After the first consultation, we will assess your child’s bite pattern for potential issues like a cross-bite or jaw misalignment. If we find issues that need to be addressed, we may use fixed orthodontic treatments — like a palate expander or Invisalign — to help correct the skeletal discrepancies and align their bite for proper growth and development. 

Orthobar Is Your Destination for First Orthodontics Consultations

We love helping Las Vegas get its smile back at Orthobar! That’s why we offer free consultations for all our new patients.

Whether you are a parent looking to bring your child in for their first appointment or an adult who wants a fuller, straighter smile, we’re here for you. Our caring team wants to make every visit the best possible, and we take great pride in working with our patients to achieve their Orthobar Smile!

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