Things to Consider for Adults Getting Braces

At Orthobar, we love the opportunity to treat adults! Our teeth continue to grow and move into adulthood, which means you may notice changes in your bite as you age. 

These shifts aren’t as drastic as when your adult teeth grow in. However, you could find that your teeth are less straight than they used to be.

It doesn’t matter if you notice changes in your smile as an adult or if you have had alignment issues that you have always wanted to change — you can transform your smile as an adult!

If you’re curious about getting braces as an adult, stick around. We’re answering all of your adult braces questions in this article!

Is It Okay to Get Braces As an Adult?

Absolutely! It’s never too late for orthodontic treatments. 

At Orthobar, we see patients of all ages, from children receiving their first orthodontics appointment to adult patients who want a straighter smile.

You also shouldn’t be concerned about the stigma surrounding adult braces. More adults are realizing that they want a better smile, and braces as a grown-up are becoming more “normal.”

Are Adult Braces a Good Idea? 

Adult braces are an excellent idea for many reasons. The health benefits of adult braces go beyond a straighter smile and include:

  • Decreased discomfort caused by TMJ issues
  • Fewer headaches stemming from bite alignment problems
  • Increase airway size
  • Improved dental health due to cleaning post-braces

A more aligned smile also boosts confidence. You’ll love the broader, straighter smile you receive from Orthobar treatments!

Are Orthodontic Options More Limited As an Adult?

Suppose you are concerned about having visible braces and would like to know what options are available for orthodontist braces for adults. In that case, you have plenty of options, from clear aligners like Spark and Invisalign.

Scheduling a consultation to meet Dr. Petersen or Dr. Grahl is the best way to find the best option for your bite and smile goals!

Are Braces More Painful for Adults?

You won’t experience significant pain while wearing braces as an adult, but it’s possible that you’ll feel a bit more discomfort than you would have as a child.

Adult bones are more set in place and have more density than kids, so moving teeth requires more force and time. This extra force means installation and adjustments may be more uncomfortable.

That being said, many adults report little discomfort when wearing braces.

The Damon Braces system we use at Orthobar also requires less pressure than other options, which makes wearing braces more comfortable.

Do Braces Take Longer for Adults?

The time you spend in braces may vary. It depends on what your smile goals are! 

Some patients need minor adjustments that only last a few months, while others will need more time correcting issues like a misaligned bite.

Regardless of treatment time and goals, we always strive to achieve that Orthobar Smile! A wide, broad, harmonious smile that extrudes confidence and makes you stand a little taller! 

Pros and Cons of Adult Braces

If you’re considering braces as an adult, you should weigh the benefits of braces against their drawbacks to determine if they are a good choice. 

Here are a few pros and cons to think about before you jump into wearing braces:

Pro #1: Improved Overall Oral Health

Poor tooth and bite alignment can cause discomfort and make dental hygiene challenging. After wearing braces, you will have straighter teeth that are easier to clean and less discomfort from a misaligned bite.

Pro #2: Higher Self-Esteem

Post-braces, you will have a fuller, straighter smile that you’ll love showing off. This new smile can boost your self-esteem and make you more confident.

Pro #3: Less Chance of Future Dental Problems

Misaligned teeth can rub on each other and break down enamel, which increases your chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Aligning your teeth can prevent this wear from happening.

Con #1: Possible Discomfort

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be uncomfortable wearing braces as an adult, but you could experience a bit more than you would if you had braces as a child or teen.

Con #2: Dietary Adjustments

You must avoid overly sticky or crunchy foods and chewing gum when wearing braces. Drinking darker liquids like soda or coffee while wearing braces can also cause uneven tooth coloration.

Con #3: Increased Time Cleaning Your Teeth

Cleaning around braces takes more time than typical brushing and flossing. However, the benefits of straighter teeth will make cleaning your braces worth the extra time.

Learn More About Adult Orthodontics at Orthobar!

At Orthobar, we love working with adult patients and teaching them about potential orthodontics treatments. 

When you visit us, our team will take the time to help you understand each step of your orthodontics journey and do everything we can to make you feel confident about your treatment options.

Contact us with questions, or schedule a free consultation to transform your smile today!