The Orthobar Treatment Philosophy

Choosing the right team to handle your orthodontic treatment can be a challenge. You have to factor in the cost of treatments, how convenient it is to reach the office, and, most importantly, how they treat you. 

However, learning what to expect before your first appointment with a new orthodontist isn’t always possible.

At Orthobar, we’re raising the bar in orthodontics, and that starts with being transparent and honest with patients before they even step in our door!

In this blog post, we’ll explain our orthodontic treatment philosophy so you can know what to expect from orthodontic treatments before you even step through the door. Let’s get started! 

We Treat Patients of All Ages

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 100. We provide orthodontic care for patients of all ages!

Our orthodontists often see children for their first orthodontic visit around the age of 7 and help them maintain a healthy bite throughout their lives. For the parents, we teach you what you need to know to keep your child’s teeth healthy. We love working with many adult patients who have never seen an orthodontist before or have seen an orthodontist when they were younger and want to freshen up their smile. When you visit us as an adult, we aim to help you uncover the fuller, more confident smile you’ve always wanted or used to have!

You Receive Individualized Attention From The Owners & Partners of Orthobar

We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment at Orthobar. However, everyone leaves with an Orthobar Smile!

Every patient we see has unique needs, and we tailor each treatment plan to meet those needs — starting with our initial consultation. 

During the first consultation, Dr. Petersen and/or Dr. Grahl will listen to your concerns and determine treatment by assessing your bite and examining the X-rays and 3D images we take of your mouth.

From there, you will see the owners and partners of the practice, Dr. Petersen or Dr. Grahl every time you visit! This owner-doctor approach ensures you receive treatment from someone who knows you and your treatment from day one.

We want to build relationships with each of our patients, and this model of care makes it possible.

Our Treatments Philosophy – Transverse (Width)

It’s not uncommon to get multiple treatment plans when visiting different orthodontists. So, understanding what the treatment goals for you and your orthodontist are very important. Dr. Petersen and Dr. Grahl believe that narrow arches and incompatible upper and lower jaws are the reasons for the MAJORITY of malocclusions (bite), esthetic concerns, and airway. 

We have coined the Orthobar Smile as the goal for every individual we have the honor to treat. An Orthobar Smile is a smile that is free of distractions and harmonious from front to back. A smile that is symmetrical and improves facial support. A smile that is broad and fills the corners of the mouth. A smile that gives you a renewed sense of confidence!

before and after orthodonic treatment images of young girl

We Are More Than Straight Teeth – Microesthetics

Delivering an Orthobar Smile is our goal for every patient! That means a few things:

  1. Harmonious and confident smile, free of distractions
  2. Comfortable and functional bite
  3. Symmetry of the teeth and gum levels

Many times at the end of treatment, the teeth are straight, but there are distractions in the smile. That can be due to prior wear of the teeth, different tooth shapes, asymmetrical gum heights, and/or excessive gingival overgrowth. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best possible care, so we provide hard and soft tissue laser contouring in our all-inclusive, comprehensive treatment. 

Hard tissue contouring is pain-free! We gently and lightly polish the edge of teeth to dial in the final esthetics. Soft tissue contouring with a laser comes with very minor discomfort for a few days but makes all the difference in the final smile! 

before and after orthodonic laser treatment of mouth closedbefore and after orthodonic laser treatment of mouth open

We Treat for Function First

Our team loves helping our patients achieve wider, fuller smiles with our treatments, the Orthobar Smile. We know broad and esthetic smiles allow increased function! 

Dr. Petersen and Dr. Grahl strive to give you a better bite with perfect overlap to ensure you have no significant orthodontic needs after treatment is complete. 

Whether you need Damon Ultima braces to adjust teeth and bite alignment or a more significant intervention like a palatal expander to make more room for your teeth, we will always choose the optimal option to give you the best bite possible!

We Offer The Latest Orthodontic Treatments

Technology advances in the orthodontic field every day, and it’s essential to be at the forefront of treatment to provide the best treatment experience possible.

At Orthobar, our doctors continually study the newest techniques and research the latest product advancements to make your experience the best possible.

For example, We are the premier provider of Damon Ultima braces in the Las Vegas area. This is important because, with this low friction system, we are able to achieve consistent wide, broader smiles with less force on the teeth. We are able to individualize and tailor each treatment to our patients to achieve the smile of their dreams! 

We also implement cutting-edge digital 3D X-ray technology and 3D digital scanning technology to create a clear picture of your orthodontic needs while limiting your radiation exposure.

We Provide the Most Comfortable Orthodontic Options

Comfort might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about orthodontics, but we’re changing that at Orthobar! We offer two levels of comfort when you receive treatment at Orthobar. 

Our first level of comfort is the physical comfort we offer with our treatments. Every product and procedure we offer — from braces to esthetic tooth contouring to soft-tissue laser — is carefully selected to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

Our second comfort level is the emotional comfort you receive from the team when you visit. We are here to encourage you during treatment and provide an atmosphere that relieves anxiety when you step through the door.

We Support You On Your Orthodontic Journey

We understand that your in-office treatment is only part of your orthodontic journey. 

You need to know how to properly care for your orthodontic devices, like braces, retainers, and clear aligners, to ensure you get the most out of your treatment!

Our team is here to educate you about your treatment plan and guide you on the best way to maintain your orthodontic devices. We believe the more knowledge you have about your treatments, the more power you have over the outcome.

Dr. Petersen with happy patientDr. Kory Grahl with smiling patient

Join the Orthobar Family Today!

We love seeing Las Vegas smile at Orthobar. From our new, modern office to our personalized treatment plans, we aim to give you an orthodontics experience that puts a smile on your face.

Here’s what one of our patients, Paula Montanez, has to say about being part of the Orthobar family: 

“Absolutely thrilled with my experience at Orthobar! Dr. Petersen and Dr. Grahl were incredibly patient, explaining every step of the process. Braquel is my favorite ortho assistant!! My braces journey was smooth, and the results are amazing – I can’t stop smiling!”

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and experience what makes us different at Orthobar!